How To Treat Cancer Naturally A Dawn N Testimonial

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How to treat cancer naturally is shown again here from a recent testimonial from Dawn N. This is her story of the experience she had at An Oasis of Healing.

Today is Dawn’s last day at our healing center. Dawn states her experience was amazing while with us here. She was originally diagnosed with thyroid cancer and her first instinct was to go the Homeopathic or natural treatment route for cancer.

Dawn did her research and found us out in Arizona and she has loved her time here with us. She said that our staff was very warm and kind. She was scared her first day here, however, everyone made her feel welcome and comfortable and put her at ease from the beginning.

She stated it’s been like having one big family while at our natural treatment center and as happy as Dawn is to be going home because she is well, she’s sad because it feels like she is leaving her family.

Dawn stated that her journey at An Oasis of Healing has changed her immensely. She said she has learned to have patience as well as learning how to be apart from her husband for an extended period of time.

They have been married for 36 years and never been apart from him or her family. She learned what she needed to for herself and what she needed to do to heal.][/youtubestruct]
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